Brooklyn Hi-Art Machine

Brooklyn Hi Art Machine believes in and supports artistic and cultural production by people of color; in community.

We are AGAINST the displacement of low-income people of color and find it to be especially offensive when so called progressive institutions do this in the name of creating inclusive spaces; and use state sanctioned violence and oppression to do this.

We stand with BHAAAD and agree that all galleries and other gentrifying businesses should leave Boyle Heights.

We encourage/ask that all artist of good conscience not show with these galleries and art spaces. For too long artist have aligned themselves with the art market, at times against our own interests, servicing a system that only promotes a white patriarchy. This system’s gatekeepers have worked hard through the years to promote themselves as inclusive and driven by progressive ideals but make no mistake this facade is thin and flimsy (WE SEE YOU). The art market is a multi-billion dollar industry that has infiltrated the highest echelons of education and cultural art institutions that claim to act in service of the public, instead they displace, corrupt, place in debt, and promote a white supremacy. This is done on the backs of artist who believe that paying into this system with their time, money and energy will somehow garner the attention and approval of an art world that is only concerned with maintaining its exclusiveness and inflating the cultural and therefore monetary value of its own kind.

In Solidarity,

Brooklyn Hi-Art Machine