The People’s Cultural Plan and Mothers on the Move

Whitney statement in solidarity with Defend Boyle Heights, the women of Pico and Aliso and BHAAAD


Look at the person on your left.
Be present to the people in front of you and behind you.
Now understand that this is not a shallow social practice exercise.
This is reality.

We are here now forging a resistance nationwide
between cities and boroughs
to defend our communities.
A resistance
based on the liberation of our identities
and cultures on our streets.

We are re-recognizing that
art is a site to demilitarize
and we are holding accountable those who intentionally or not
use art as a tactic of conquest.

We are the frontlines of art as life.
We are the frontlines of art as witness.
We are the frontlines of art as consciousness.

Real life and real people are coming in through gallery and museum walls
and we are saying stop.
We are saying no.
And that must be respected
Our bodies are at stake.
So stop because we say no.

Alicia Grullon
November 2017